To ensure all pupils develop their full potential they are taught in ability sets throughout the school and entered at appropriate levels for all examinations. We aim to tailor the course followed and the style and timing of final examinations to suit the abilities and needs of the pupils. The pathways followed are shown below:


Key Stage 3 (Compulsory)

In accordance with the National Curriculum and the Numeracy framework pupils are expected to make progress in four attainment targets:

  • Attainment 1:  Using and Applying Mathematics
  • Attainment 2:  Number and Algebra
  • Attainment 3:  Shape Space and Measure
  • Attainment 4:  Handling Data


Key Stage 4 (Compulsory)

This course, for the majority of students follows the AQA mathematics syllabus ‘A’. This includes new topics in Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry and Statistics along with a thorough revision of earlier work. The final assessment is completely by examination, but the style and timing of these will vary according to the ability and needs of the pupils.

The more able students will complete their GCSE course at the end of Year 10 and currently go on to take Additional Mathematics GCSE at the end of Year 11, giving them a solid foundation for the further study of Mathematics and science subjects at A level.

Most students complete their GCSE courses in Year 11 sitting two examination papers.

Students in set 6 will mostly be entered for a modular course, which means they will sit three separate examination papers in Data Handling, Number and Shape and Algebra during years 10 and 11. A very small number of students will be entered for the Entry Level Certificate which is continually assessed.


Key Stage 5

We follow the Edexcel AS/A specifications for Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Pupils all have to complete Pure Modules (C1-C4) and two options from Decision Maths (D1), Statistics (S1) and Mechanics (M1) to gain an A Level. At least a grade B at GCSE is required to study Mathematics at A level at Blue Coat.

To gain a Further Mathematics A level, in addition to Mathematics, they have to complete more Pure Modules (FP1-FP3) and three options from – Decisions Mathematics (D1), Statistics (S1, S2, S3) and Mechanics (M1, M2). Further Mathematics may be studied to AS level only.


ICT now penetrates every type of work. It is a dynamic and ever changing subject that opens up many different future paths and will stay with you and affect future decisions. There is a strong emphasis on students working to the best of their ability and achieving. We have a range of resources and would like all students and staff to utilise them in the most effective way.