Admissions | 2020-2021

As an Academy Blue Coat School is its own admissions authority and as such has its own admission policy.


A copy of our admission policy and the supplementary information form (SIF) are available below.


In ALL CASES parents MUST complete their local authority secondary school application form by the given deadline (usually 31 October whilst your child is in year 6).


If you have any further questions please contact Mrs Curtis via telephone using the information on the Contact Us Page.

1)  My child has a sibling (as defined by the Blue Coat admissions policy) already at Blue Coat – do I need to complete the Blue Coat supplementary information form?

If the sibling started at Blue Coat during Years 7-11 and will still be attending Blue Coat when the applicant is admitted then no you do not need to complete the Blue Coat SIF, providing you inform the Local Authority of the sibling link. If the sibling will no longer be a pupil but you attend a place of worship (as defined in the admissions policy) you do need to complete the Blue Coat SIF.

2)   I live outside of Coventry, which authority should I apply through?

You should apply to your own local authority. When the time comes, your own authority will advise you as to whether or not you have been allocated a place at Blue Coat School.