Head Teacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Blue Coat School

Blue Coat Church of England School delivers “Christian education with care”. Our school is dedicated to providing opportunities for our young people to develop the knowledge, skills  and beliefs which will enable them to flourish in adult life.

Central to this mission is a pastoral ethos rooted in faith. Every one of our students is an individual with unique talents and abilities. We aim to nurture the ambitions of every young person so that they may not only realise their academic potential but also respond with confidence and resilience to the challenges that life in the 21st century will provide.

Our curriculum is both rich and challenging and delivered by a dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced staff. Learning extends beyond the confines of the classroom. We pride ourselves on the breadth and variety of our extra – curricular provision. Music, drama and sport play a pivotal role in the wider educational experience.

Perhaps you already have children at our school. Perhaps you have been attracted to Blue Coat School because you are sympathetic to our ethos or have heard about the high expectations that we have of our students. Perhaps you have been drawn by the excellent examination results that our students achieve, results that exceed both local and national averages. Whatever your starting point, we welcome you to our school.

Mrs V Shelley