Centenary Service at the Cathedral

During this centenary year, all 75 Church of England schools in the Diocese have taken part in a pilgrimage of the Cross of Nails. Since January the Cross of Nails has been passed from school to school in special handover ceremonies culminating in a thanksgiving service at Coventry Cathedral on the 28th November.

Pupils, staff and local clergy from all 75 schools were at the service. The service started with a procession of colourful banners from each school in the nave before Bishop Christopher led Leigh Church of England Academy’s version of the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation. During the service there was an exciting dramatic performance of the story of Joseph from Knightlow Primary School and beautiful choir performances from Blue Coat School & Music College and the Revel Primary School.

Bishop Christopher spoke about the story of the Cross of Nails from the perspective of the piece of metal that was made into the nails that held together the old Cathedral roof and thanksgiving prayers were lead by teachers, students and members of the DBE.

Overall, the service was a great celebration of the schools in our diocese and a chance to thank God for 100 years of the Diocese of Coventry.