Elevate Webinar – How to help your child study effectively

Elevate has worked with Blue Coat for a number of years delivering study skills and revision seminars for pupils. They are offering a free webinar on helping your child to study effectively at home. This session is entirely voluntary and may contain some useful insights into supporting your child during lockdown and beyond.  Please note that in order for your to participate in the webinar you will be asked to share information such as your name, email address and the name of the school your child attends. A link to Elevate’s privacy policy has been provided below. Please note as a school we will not be giving any of your personal data with Elevate for this exercise.


The session will contain:

  1. How to manage your child’s mindset while the coronavirus threatens their productivity and motivation
  2. Learn the core ‘motivational dispositions’ that underlie student success
  3. How recent developments in neuro-science and peak performance psychology can be used when helping your child
  4. Learn about Online Private Coaching to understand how Elevate’s young coaches are helping students across the UK find a new way to study amidst these challenging times


Specific details from Elevate can be found below:

Elevate is an award-winning organisation that has been working with Blue Coat for a number of years to help our pupils to become more effective learners. They are hosting an exclusive webinar for parents at schools that they work with across the UK to teach them how to help your child study most effectively. If you think you would find it helpful and would like to attend you can sign up at the link below


Details of the event are as follows:

Title: How to help your child study effectively without becoming the enemy

Date: Tuesday 12th May 2020

Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm

Cost: Free

Sign up link: https://www.elevatecoaching.info/webinar-uk-1/

Privacy Policy: https://uk.elevateeducation.com/privacy-policy