Year 12 | Student Art Exhibition

We are so proud of our Year 12 Photography students who are currently exhibiting their work in Gallery 3 at The Herbert Art Gallery. Many congratulations to them for this wonderful exhibition, and a big thank you to our amazing Art department!


“My wife and I supported the event at the Herbert yesterday because our son was one of the exhibitors. It was brilliant to see students’ work on display and to recognise that this is a significant achievement not only for them, but also the school in pioneering in a collaborative venture which I hope will pave the way for other schools and young artists to display their work. From what I was told, I think it was the first time they have been able to set aside a gallery for school work as part of a larger display.

When we spoke to Mrs Flanagan and Mr Wallington at the year 12 parents evening they were describing how this project has been a catalyst in establishing this year’s cohort in their studies. These are the kinds of opportunities which add significant value to their education, building memories for the future and growing self-confidence in our young people. The staff are to be congratulated for the work they have put into making this happen and I would encourage this level of creativity within other subjects as well.” Year 12, Parent