My name is Louisa Peet (students and staff call me Lou!) and I have the honour and privilege of serving fulltime as the Chaplain of the Blue Coat Community including students, staff and their families. With a background in community ministry and working alongside young people, I love seeing young people stepping into everything that God has for them. I believe that our young people are world-changers – not only of tomorrow but of today. I get to walk alongside our students from a slightly different perspective from my teaching and support staff colleagues, and they regularly challenge, uplift and stretch me in my knowledge, faith and awareness of today’s youth culture. My heart for the school community is one of a Pastor – loving, guiding, protective and always desiring Kingdom come in the hearts and lives of those I am called to serve.

My role is a diverse one including leading liturgical and worship aspects (for example assemblies and services), through to 1:1 mentoring and disciple-making, counselling around life events (for example bereavements) and generally getting to know and coming alongside our young people and staff both in their mountaintop experiences, and those more difficult times down in the valleys.

I have a medical background which enables me to have a good awareness of mental, emotional and physical health needs and management, and I use these skills regularly to ensure that our young people and staff are healthy spiritually, emotionally and physically.