The Chaplaincy suite is a vibrant and well used place within the busyness of the school day, used by students, staff, visitors and families.

We agree with the Psalmist that ‘The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it’ (Psalm 24:1) and therefore that God is present, by His Spirit, in every place in the school. However, the Chaplaincy is a special space and place where young people and staff can reflect, pray, grieve, celebrate, worship and have some quiet time alone or together.

Throughout the week we run many activities including ‘Prayers on Toast’, ASK lunch club, year cell groups and bible journaling, alongside other less structured times of reflection and worship.

There are two rooms – a quieter room equipped with drink making facilities, computer and speakers, comfy sofa and chairs where people can meet with the Chaplain and with each other and to pray, look at scripture, reflect before school and consider all that God has for them,

The second room is a multi-purpose space with chairs, beanbags, and prayer space activities. This is used at break and lunchtimes for groups and for young people socialising together, and at different times of the year is set up as a dedicated prayer space.