This area provides all the information that you will need to help you be prepared for your GCSE/GCE exams at Blue Coat School.

The awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 24 June 2020 as a ‘contingency day’ for examinations. This is consistent with the qualification regulators’ document Exam system contingency plan: England, Wales and Northern Ireland – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/exam-system-contingency-plan-england-wales-and-northern-ireland. The designation of a ‘contingency day’ within the common examination timetable is in the event of national or local disruption to examinations. It is part of the awarding bodies’ standard contingency planning for examinations.

In the highly unlikely event that there is national disruption to a day of examinations in summer 2020, the awarding bodies will liaise with the qualification regulators and the DfE to agree the most appropriate option for managing the impact. As a last resort the affected examinations will be rescheduled. Although every effort would be taken to keep the impact to a minimum, it is possible that there could be more than one timetable date affected following the disruption, up to and including the contingency day on 24 June 2020. Centres will be alerted if it was agreed to reschedule the examinations and the affected candidates will be expected to make themselves available in such circumstances. The decision regarding the re-scheduling of examinations will always rest with the awarding body. The centre must conduct the examination on the scheduled date unless instructed to do otherwise by the awarding body.

Where candidates choose not to be available for the rescheduled examination(s) for reasons other than those traditionally covered by special consideration, they will not be eligible for enhanced grading arrangements. Centres must therefore ensure candidates and parents are aware of this contingency arrangement so that they may take it into account when making their plans for the summer. However, the awarding bodies will not insist upon candidates being available throughout the entire timetable period as a matter of course.

If you have any queries at any point, please come up to the Exams Office.


Candidate Information

Listed below are JCQ (information for candidates) documents.  It is important that you read and take note of these documents.


Exam Essentials

Listed below is the suggested key stationery that students will need for each exam

  • Black pens x 2
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Calculator (if permitted)
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Clear pencil case
  • Clear water bottle with no label


Exams Timetable

Summer Exams

You will be issued with a statement of entry in January.  This will detail the exams that you will be entered for.  It is important that you check all your subjects are on this statement and also that your name is spelt correctly.  In March/April, you will be issued with your individual timetable.


If anything is not clear on your timetable, please come to the Exams Office to ask.



Resits can only be taken at certain times of the year depending on subject and student age. Please come to the Exams Office to discuss resit options.


Results and Certificates

Results will be available as follows:

  • GCE results day – Thursday 13th August 2020
  • GCSE results day – Thursday 20th August 2020

Information regarding times that results will be available to collect will be advised in the Summer term.

If you will not be able to collect your results, please come to the Exams Office by Friday 3rd July 2020 to discuss options.

Certificates for courses completed in the summer will be available for collection at the annual Prizegiving event held in December. If you are unable to attend and if you are still a student at Blue Coat, you will be advised when your certificates are available for collection. If you have left Blue Coat, you need to come to the main reception with photo ID. If you are unable to collect your certificates, please contact the Exams Office to discuss options.

Please note that we will only keep certificates for a period of 24 months from the date of issue. Any certificates that are not collected during this period will be securely destroyed or returned to the relevant exam board.


Post Results

Once you have received your results and if they are not what you were expecting, please speak to your teacher in the first instance. Once you have spoken with a teacher, you will able to request a Review of Results service (the flow chart will show how the process works). The Exams Office staff will be able to advise how to proceed with any review. We do require written permission & payment from students prior to processing any Review of Results service.  The form that needs to be completed (which will show all shows the costs for the available services) is below.



Below is the appeals procedure for internally marked assessments, and the form which needs to be completed if you wish to appeal your mark.

For deadline dates, please speak to your subject teacher, or come to the exams office.


NEA Appeal Form
Review Of Marking - Centre Assessed Marks


Exam Boards

These are the exam boards for 2019/2020.


Exam Policies