Business Studies & Economics

Why Choose Business Studies & Economics?

Business Studies is an exciting and engaging subject. It has academic rigour, helping to develop key skills such as advanced numeracy skills, and evaluative skills, whilst being practical and relevant to the real-world environment. We study all aspects of business management, including Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Operations, so there is something for everyone.

Economics is an academically challenging subject, that is extremely interesting, and develops an advanced understanding of real-world subject matters. Any discussion about what is happening around the world, includes some factors of Economics, allowing students who study this subject to make insightful contributions to discussions. It again combines a range of essential skills, such as the ability to analyse in depth, evaluate effectively, and interpret key data to draw relevant conclusions.


Department Ethos

The focus of the department is always to ensure that students apply themselves fully to all tasks set, to ensure that they work hard and achieve their potential. We welcome students of a range of abilities and interests and seek to ensure that all students can maximise their potential through commitment and hard work. Students will engage in insightful discussions where the focus is always respect and understanding of the opinions and values of others.


Curriculum | Key Stage 4

Students at KS4 study OCR GCSE Business, more detail of which can be found at the following link: This course is fantastic for students wanting to start their education in business as it covers the key areas, including: Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Business organisation and external influences. It combines written responses with financial calculations and data interpretation, and therefore is ideal for students who want to develop skills to take them into further education, employment and beyond.

Students at KS4 study OCR GCSE Economics, more details of which can be found at the following link: This course is ideal for students starting their journey into the world of economics as it covers key micro and macro economic concepts. Students begin by looking at the basic economic problem, and market forces in action. They then move to look at the wider macroeconomic environment including monetary policy, fiscal policy and international trade and exchange rates. It is the perfect foundation for anyone wanting to move into a range of higher education courses, and employment.


Curriculum | Key Stage 5

Students at KS5 study Edexcel A-Level Business. This course covers all key business content, including Marketing, Strategy, Finance and Accounts, Operations Management, and Human Resources. This is a particularly engaging course as it also has an international flavour, covering key themes in international business such as offshoring, FDI and the impact of trade and exchange rates on businesses, making it an extremely relevant course in the current climate.

Students at KS5 study OCR A Level Economics. Students cover Microeconomics, which includes market forces, market structures and externalities and the environment. They also cover Macroeconomics, which includes monetary policy, fiscal policy, supply side policies, and following the financial crash there is a relevant and essential coverage of banking and financial security. Students also complete an exam which covers both macro and micro economic content, based around a key topic and area of interest in current affairs.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Students have the opportunity to visit a car manufacturing plant to learn more about operations management. They have also had visits from speakers from the Bank of England, covering key themes for our Economists. Students also get the opportunity to attend key external revision sessions for Business Studies and Economics.


Future Careers

These subjects can lead to a range of further education courses including: Economics, Finance and Accounting, Business Management, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and many more.

Careers can include Accountancy, Consultancy, Marketing and PR, Investment Banking, Operations Management at large manufacturers, HR management, the civil service and any job role that requires an insight into the effective functioning of business organisations, which includes most jobs! It can also provide essential knowledge for those wanting to become entrepreneurs.


Exam Board & Specifications







Current curriculum specifications can be downloaded below:

A Level Business Edexcel