Design and Technology


The Department has 6 specialist rooms that include two multipurpose workshops, a graphics/CAD room, a textiles room, a food room and one food/textiles room. Access to laptops allows the delivery of CAD/CAM to all rooms allowing students the facility to utilise the departments CAM equipment. The department is constantly seeking to upgrade and add to its CAM equipment that consists of a CNC router, a laser cutter, a plotter cutter and sublimation printing equipment.



The Design and Technology curriculum is based upon providing an exciting and relevant curriculum that gives students the opportunity to develop their creative and practical skills through both focused and design based tasks.

In years 7 and 8 students receive two design and technology lessons per week (one food or textiles lesson and one product design lesson). During these two years the curriculum is focussed on providing students with a sound foundation of practical skills and knowledge of materials and processes with an emphasis on producing quality products.

In year 9 students are offered three Design and Technology GCSEs that include Food and Nutrition, Textiles and Product Design. Students have 2 lessons per week in these GCSEs with students building upon their KS3 knowledge and skills in preparation for the coursework task and the final exam.

At post 16 two AS/A2 GCEs are offered in Product Design and Textiles.



The Design and Technology department believes that technological innovation, creativity and problem solving skills to be at the heart of the future of this country and aims to develop and prepare students for a role in this future. We aim to provide opportunities where students can develop their independent thinking and problem solving skills; provide situations for students to apply knowledge to real life problems and to encourage team work and entrepreneurism.

It is our believe that if we can educate students to be aware of the importance of good design and the need for quality products we will equip them with the ability to shape and create the future.


After School Activities

We offer a Fun for Fashion club for Y7 and Y8 students. At key times of the year students are given the opportunity to receive additional support with their coursework both at lunch times and after school. Lunch time sessions are also offered to KS3 students who want to do extension activities to their work.