Why Choose Mathematics?

Mathematicians have a skill set which is very desirable in the modern world. Logical thinking, problem solving and the ability to see patterns are just some of the skills which make Mathematicians very employable.

The Russell group of Universities site Maths and Further Mathematics as facilitating subjects which keep degree choices open.

Every year we have students from Blue Coat go onto University to study Mathematics based courses or move into careers or apprenticeships with a high Mathematics content.

A number of students over the years have gone to Oxbridge to study Mathematics or Mathematical Sciences.


Department Ethos

We want all children, whatever their ability to be able to enjoy and engage with Mathematics and grow in confidence dealing with numbers.

The Mathematics department is fully staffed with specialist teachers who are excellent classroom practitioners and enthusiastic and highly motivated about their subject.  Pupils whatever their ability are challenged and progress in the subject is excellent. Lessons are engaging and inclusive of all.  Teachers often spend time outside of lessons working with small groups or individuals to help them with homework or exam preparation.


Curriculum | Key Stage 3

Pupils in year 7, 8 and 9 study a broad Mathematics curriculum which covers Number work, Algebra, Geometry and Data Handling.  Problem solving is an integral part of our teaching.  We ensure that pupils are challenged and that they ‘get stuck’.  This then develops resilience and the ability to persevere until a solution is found.

STAR marking and regular testing ensure that we address issues which pupils have and help them to improve and progress to the next level.


Curriculum | Key Stage 4

We study the GCSE course over two years during year 10 and 11.  This allows plenty of time not only to learn skills, but also be able to apply them in a variety of problem-solving situations.

From the start of year 9, pupils are exposed to the rigour of the GCSE course, including assessments using past exam papers.  This enables our students to develop resilience and good exam technique.

All pupils study Number, Algebra, Geometry and Data Handling.  Our very weakest students have the opportunity to take the Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics, which not only improves confidence, but also gives them a qualification, should they fail to make the grade on the GCSE course.


Curriculum | Key Stage 5

At A level we study the Edexcel course.  A level Mathematics is currently the most popular course at post-sixteen, with Maths/Further Mathematics also a very popular choice with our exceptional Mathematicians.

Classes are taught by experienced specialists who inspire the students and enable them to achieve outstanding results.

All students study pure and applied Mathematics, with some choice of modules for the Further Mathematicians.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Our most talented students take part in the UKMT Maths challenge, individual and team events.  We also enter our most talented girls into the Girls Olympiad.

Results of the Maths challenge examinations are improving year on year.

This qualification is highly regarded by Universities.


Future Careers

Popular careers for Mathematicians include:

Engineering, Medicine, Teaching, Accountancy, Data Analysis, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Architecture, Computer Science.


Exam Board & Specifications

GCSE AQA Quan Code 601/4608/4

A level Edexcel Quan Code 603/1333/X

Further Mathematics A level Edexcel Quan Code 603/1499/0


Current curriculum specifications can be downloaded below:

GCSE Mathematics SpecificationAS Mathematics SpecificationAS Further Maths Specification