Modern Foreign Languages

Why Choose Modern Foreign Languages?

Learning to speak a new language is fun, rewarding and enriching. It opens doors to new cultures and is a great way to make new friends. In an increasingly globalized world the advantage of speaking more than one language is becoming more and more apparent. Language learning brings with it a vast amount of benefits both at a personal level and at an economic level. Learning a language boosts brain power and helps with memory, literacy and communication skills. All transferable skills.

In a worldwide context a second language helps with an appreciation of other cultures and customs. It also helps with career prospects. The realities of our world today makes speaking a languages more essential than ever.

Fact English isn’t the most commonly spoken language in the world.

Fact after learning one foreign language the third, fourth and fifth are much easier.


Parent and Student Information / FAQ

MFL Student and Parent Information and Frequently Asked Questions


Department Ethos

The MFL department are a very experienced passionate and motivated team. The school values lie at the heart of all we do. Languages bring people together.


Curriculum | Key Stage 3

Students learn either French or German in Keystage 3. The students have 5 lessons over 2 weeks.

Should there be a strong preference for a language please let us know before the students start.

Our keystge 3 curriculum is loosely linked to the Stimmt! textbook for German and Studio textbook for French.

German French
Year 7 Year 8 Year 7 Year 8







Healthy Living

Fairy Tale Project








My identity

At home


It is recommended that students have their own dictionary and a notebook.

All year 7 students will have the opportunity to go to Calais for the day in the summer term.

There are inter house Christmas card and Spelling Bee competitions.


Curriculum | Key Stage 4

We follow the AQA GCSE Language Specification over 3 years.

This is divided into 3 themes, which subdivide into topics. This is the same for both French and German.

German French
QAN : 601/8159/X                   Spec 8668 QAN : 601/8157/6                   Spec 8658


YEAR 9 Identity and Culture Me/My Family and Friends

Technology in Everyday life

Free time activities

Customs and Festivals

YEAR 10 Local National, International and global areas of Interest Home, Town and Neighbourhood

Social Issues

Global Issues

Travel and Tourism

YEAR 11 Current and Future Study and employment My Studies

Education Post 16


Students further develop the 4 language skills of Listening, Speaking Reading and Writing. There is a much stronger emphasis on grammar than in Keystage 3.

The exam is sat at the end of the course. The speaking exam is conducted with the class teacher, recorded and sent away to be marked. This is in the April/May of Year 11.

Students require a dictionary and a vocabulary notebook. They will be given vocabulary glossaries with the important phrases. Students have access to the online Kerboodle Textbook. A CGP revision guide, which can be purchased through the school library, is highly recommended.


Curriculum | Key Stage 5

We follow the AQA Specification. Students sit the A2 Exam at the end of year 13.

The A level course takes the students on a journey of discovery into the heart of their chosen language. The courses for French and German are steeped in the culture and history of their language. The courses are divided into 4 Themes and divided into topics.


German French
QAN : 601/8729/3                   Spec 7662 QAN : 601/8727/X                  Spec 7652
Aspects of German Speaking Society: Current trends


Aspects of French Speaking Society: Current trends

Family in change

The cyber society

The role of charity

Artistic Culture in the German speaking world

Festivals and traditions

Art and architecture

Berlin and its cultural life then and now

Artistic Culture in the French speaking world

A culture proud of its heritage

Contemporary French Music

Cinema-the 7th art

Multiculturalism in German speaking society




Aspects of French Speaking Society: Current issues

Positive aspects of a diverse society

What sort of a life for people living on the margins?

How are criminals treated?

Aspects of political life in the German speaking world

Germany and the European Union

Politics and Youth

The reunification and its consequences

Aspects of political life in the French speaking world

Young people, the right to vote and political commitment

Demonstrations, strikes- who has the power?

Politics and Immigration


In addition students study a film and a work of literature.


German French
Film Film
Good Bye Lenin! Directed by Wolfgang Becker Au Revoir Les Enfants directed by Louis Malle
Literature Literature
Der Vorleser by Bernhard Schlink No et moi by Delphine de Vigan


In preparation for the speaking exam the students undertake an independent research project in the final term of year 13. This forms the major part of the speaking exam.


We currently offer a work experience exchange to France in conjunction with another school.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Starting soon we are going to offer Spelling Bee Inter-house competitions and at Christmas we will have a Christmas card competition.

Support lessons are offered by individual members of staff alongside the school intervention plan.

Coming in October 2019 there will school visits to France and Germany for years 9 and 10.

Year 7 will be offered the opportunity to go to Calais for a day.


Future Careers

The study of languages opens may doors. Here are some sample jobs

Accountant, Advertising Account Manager, Business Consultant, Communications Coordinator, Digital Capability Manager, Event Manager, Graduate Hotel Management Trainee, HR Administrator, Interpreter, Investment Banking Analyst, International Sales Co- ordinator, Bi-lingual IT Analyst, IT User Support, Language Teacher (non-UK), M & A Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Marketing Manager, Publishing Editor, Recruitment Consultant, Retail Banking Management Trainee, Sales Co-ordinator, Starting own Business, Assistant Teacher, Technology Risk Consultant, Transport Manager.

Extracted from University of Bath research


Exam Board & Specifications

German French
QAN : 601/8729/3                   Spec 7662 QAN : 601/8727/X                  Spec 7652