Each of the four art rooms is equipped with computers and one has a clean area with a suite of computers and printers with priority use given to photography students.  Both laser and inkjet printing is available and each computer is fitted with photo shop elements. At KS5 students are able to borrow the department’s SLR cameras, lights, tripods and other equipment.  At KS3 and 4 they may have use of the department’s compact digital cameras during school time.



Although students may have the opportunity to explore some lens based media (still and moving image) as part of their KS3 Art curriculum, they have the opportunity to opt for Photography as a stand-alone subject in Year 9.

The department currently offers courses in digital photography at GCSE and A level.  Qualifications gained are in Art and Design: Photography. It is a creative rather than technical subject, about looking at the outside world and the artwork of others, challenging perceptions and primarily concerns the communication of ideas.

Throughout the course students are encouraged to:

  • Question what art is and within that context the role of photography.
  • Question any preconceptions about their own ability and expertise.
  • Develop an ‘Eye’ for a successful image.
  • Learn to trust their creative instincts.
  • Express ideas through the controlled use of a wide range of materials and photographic techniques.
  • Develop ideas by reviewing and refining their work and making appropriate selections.
  • Articulate informed views and ideas relating to the work of other artists and photographers from a variety of cultures and periods.

For further information about the art and design department the departmental Handbook is available from school.