Mission Statement

Raising aspiration and achievement through creativity.



Art offers unique opportunities for students to reveal their potential, express their ideas, develop their imaginations, and investigate a wide range of images and artefacts.  The individual engaged in an art activity, whether it is expressive, imaginative, productive, reflective or critical is developing knowledge: about themselves, others, culture, society, and about the interaction of these with ideas, processes, techniques and media.  As such it is an invaluable part of the education of young people.Art develops a visual language that complements other languages such as those used in mathematical, scientific, literary and factually based subjects.  It encourages personal expression, imagination, sensitivity, conceptual thinking, and powers of observation, analytical abilities and practical-orientated attitudes.  It is especially concerned with mental processes involved in visual and aesthetic experience and develops a range of skills and concepts that can be used throughout life.  Increasingly, identity, community, beliefs, religion, and culture are key to learning and our style of teaching engages all these elements with students at all levels. This fully justifies our commitment to art education.



The Art Department at Blue Coat School aims to provide an education in Art for all students which is:

  • challenging
  • safe and supportive
  • enjoyable
  • relevant

We aim to develop in our students:

  • an interest, curiosity, enjoyment and confidence in looking at, exploring and making works of art, craft and design;
  • the ability to perceive and respond imaginatively, recording and analysing from observation, experience and imagination, developing technical skills to aid personal expression and communication
  • an awareness and appreciation of art, craft and design from a range of cultures, developing visual literacy, the conceptual skills to make informed aesthetic and critical judgements, and to make connections between their own and others’ ideas and work
  • the ability to identify and solve problems, undertake research and organise and sustain independent work to completion developing a sense of achievement, self awareness and fulfilment in the creation of art-works
  • a developing degree of self-knowledge as learners, as producers and consumers, and as visually aware young people



The aims of the Art Department are fulfilled by:

interpreting the requirements of national strategies and courses to provide a range of developing and challenging sequential learning experiences in art

creating a stimulating environment using a range of resources and displays that offers secure and supportive working conditions for the making of art work

welcoming and valuing the individual response students of all gender, ethnicity and ability

introducing and developing a range of media, skills, techniques, processes and concepts that enable students  to develop their ideas, express themselves and have the confidence to use a range of visual elements in the making of images, artefacts and critical judgements



The Art department comprises four light and spacious interconnecting rooms and is well equipped for working in a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, printing and mixed media. There is a kiln for firing clay and enough space for installation work.