How to Apply for Sixth Form

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Sixth Form is about helping students develop into young adults ready for the next life stage. This is our central purpose.

For the first time you get to choose your own curriculum and destination. In the short space of two years, a journey takes place from GCSEs to going to university, the work place or an apprenticeship.

The pastoral support is first rate and there is always someone on hand to help you when needed. The sense of worship is central to the spiritual life of the Sixth Form. We meet together for communions on a termly basis, where students of all faiths are able to stand together in a collective act of worship, partaking as they feel fit.

Whether you’ve got a chosen career in mind or still have no idea, Blue Coat is a place where you can build on your existing skills, learn new ones and prepare for adult life in many different ways. We look forward to meeting you.

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