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Curriculum Intent

We intent to provide a broad and ambitious curriculum that provides students with an excellent standard of education that is inclusive of all. As a Church of England School, we are distinctively Christian and work to allow our students to live life in all its fullness. Our students flourish academically, creatively, socially and spiritually through our schools Christ values of Care, Hard Work, Respect, Integrity, Servanthood and Togetherness.

Aims of our Curriculum

  • Inclusion of all pupils no matter their background, prior attainment or barrier to learning to accessing the same ambitious curriculum content
  • Building beyond KS3 National Curriculum and aiming for ambitious content taught across the full three years (7-9)
  • Our KS3 curriculum has been built around the Skills, Knowledge & Understanding (SKU) needed for students to succeed beyond the school gates
  • The widest possible options available at GCSE/Level 2 & A level/Level 3 options to suit the needs of our pupils, local and national requirements
  • High expectations, breadth, high challenge & inclusive classroom practice
  • Consistent planning & logical sequencing of content that leads to long term knowledge retention and learning
  • Implementation of a quality first wave approach to teaching & learning
  • Enabling all our students to “Live Life in all its fullness (John 10:10)” through curriculum, enrichment, performances, PSHE and worship experiences
  • Personal & character development enabling the widest variety of curricula and extra curricula experiences that allow pupils to develop as rounded individuals
  • Allow pupils to thrive as individuals through personalised and flexible pathways including RSE & PSHE
  • Enable opportunities for students to develop socially and creatively through the breadth of our in-school and extra curricula offering
  • Enable students to have a positive impact on the community and the world around them
  • Blue Coat promotes the spiritual development of our learners through embedding our school’s CHRIST values at all levels of our curriculum:


Our curriculum is designed to be caring and compassionate for each individual pupil’s needs, backgrounds, abilities and aspirations.

Hard Work

High expectations of all our pupils and support from dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable staff that enables them to achieve their potential. Hard work is recognised, rewarded & commended within all aspects of school life.


Respect is embedded at all levels of our school and is a fundamental component of our curriculum. We ensure there is mutual respect for one another’s values and the opportunity to grow an appreciation for others.


We embed integrity within the curriculum by designing its content, sequence and delivery around the needs of our pupils. We ensure that what is right and wrong is a fundamental component of the content taught in the curriculum.


Staff and pupils are rewarded for putting the needs of others beyond their own through supporting members of community to learn effectively.


Colleagues work collaboratively to plan an effective curriculum that supports the widest range of needs allowing all pupils to access a truly inclusive education.


Blue Coat Approach

Here at Blue Coat we have an agreed approach to quality first teaching and learning in our school. Our approach is based around educational research and proven pedagogy into what leads to high levels of knowledge acquisition. All staff Continuing Professional Development and Quality Assurance of lessons links back to this school wide Quality First Approach. We ensure that this is embedded regularly through CPD that communicates the expectations, models best practice and then provides the opportunity to embed this a departmental level through collaboration and determination of an agreed pedagogical approach for each subject. Our staff strive to ensure that their planning allows the core elements of the Blue Coat approach to be evident in all lessons.

4forAll Toolkit

The 4forAll components are four key elements which are expected to be emphasised in lessons and should be evident to learners. These elements benefit all students but particularly those with SEND. Alongside 4forAll staff utilise Pupil Passport information specific to each SEND learner to ensure they are able to access the breadth of the curriculum content. 

Reading Strategy

Within lessons we focus on embedding three key strategies that support the reading of our learners. Staff will:

  • Pre-read selected texts to check suitability for reading age, vocabulary, layout and density
  • Create a context to introduce and practice ideas before introducing a text 
  • Model reading to pupils, with staff and pupils taking it in turns to read aloud individually, in pairs or groups
  • Share the vocabulary strategy
  • Subject teachers adopt a simple three step approach:
    1. Teacher to model fluency of reading aloud
    2. ‘Jump in’: students asked to pick up or continue reading.
    3. Three second rule – students allowed to help correct or help with words that the reader is struggling to read; the teacher allows three seconds for the reader to pronounce the word before correcting.

Structure of the Curriculum

3 Year – Key Stage 3 (KS3)

2 Year – Key Stage 4 (KS4)

2 Year – Key Stage 5 (KS5)

Curriculum Model and Structure

Structure of Key Stage 3

  • Students are divided into X and Y bands. French is taught to two groups in both bands. German is taught to four groups in X band and Spanish is taught to three groups in Y Band.
  • Maths and Science are delivered through ability set groups
  • English, MFL, Humanities and RE are banded
  • Creative subjects are taught in mixed ability groups
  • All students in Year 7 and 8 participate in the Accelerated reader programme with all Year 9 students participating in a dedicated reading lesson in the English curriculum. To complement this, reading features in our tutor time programme across all year groups. Students whom have a reading age below their chronological age participate in a range of bespoke interventions including Lexonik and Flash Academy.
  • At KS3 students have the opportunity to study:
    • Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)/Citizenship/Careers
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • History
    • Geography
    • Modern Foreign Language – French, German or Spanish
    • Design and Technology (including Food, Textiles, Product & 3D Design)
    • Computing
    • Art & 3D Design
    • Music
    • Physical Education
    • Religious Education
    • Drama

Structure of Key Stage 4

  • Our GCSE Core Curriculum consists of:
    • Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)/Citizenship/Careers
    • English Language
    • English Literature
    • Mathematics
    • Sciences (Separate Biology, Chemistry, Physics for Set 1 or Combined Science for Sets 2 and below)
    • Religious Education
  • When students select options the EBACC is encouraged but a personalised approach to their 3 options is available and supported through our process
  • We offer foundation/higher maths, single sciences, combined science & MFL
  • With the diverse cohort at Blue Coat we encourage students to complete a GCSE in their first language
  • Our Optional KS4 Curriculum consists of:
    • Art
    • Business Studies
    • Computer Science
    • Drama
    • Dance
    • Design & Technology
    • Food Preperation & Nutrition
    • French
    • Geography
    • German
    • History
    • Music
    • PE
    • Art & Design – Photography
    • Spanish
    • Art & Design – Textiles
    • Art & Design – 3D Design

Structure of Key Stage 5

  • We offer an ambitious and extensive range of qualifications at Post 16
  • Our students go onto a wide range of destinations with many reaching top universities (including Oxbridge), apprenticeships and employment
  • Student are supported to study three subjects at A Level with some exceptional candidates completing four qualifications
  • Pathways to universities and careers are well supported through the Post 16 application and interview process
  • Students complete a programme of assemblies and tutor periods linked to worship and age appropriated PSHE
    • Students benefit from CEIAG support, university speakers and ICONs conferences.
  • Students also have a 6th form Student Council offering whole school leadership opportunities
  • Due to the Coventry consortium programme we share our curriculum with a number of pupils from other schools across the city
  • We offer a wide variety of subjects at Post 16 – these include:
    • Applied Science (BTEC Ex Cert, Single)
    • Art & Design: Fine Art
    • Art & Design: Graphics
    • Art & Design: Textiles
    • Art & Design: Photography
    • Biology
    • Business Studies
    • Chemistry
    • Computing
    • Drama & Theatre
    • Economics
    • English Language & Literature
    • English Literature
    • French
    • Geography
    • German
    • Health & Social Care (BTEC)
    • History
    • Law
    • Mathematics
    • Mathematics (further)
    • Media Studies
    • Music
    • Music Technology
    • Physics
    • Physical Education
    • Philosophy & Ethics
    • Product Design
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Sport (BTEC)


Outcomes in Summer 2023

  • Our highest ever Progress 8 score of +0.42 vs. England Average -0.03
  • The percentage of pupils who achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and maths at the end of Key Stage 4 is 48%. This compares favourably with both the average for England (46%) and the Local Authority average (41%).
  • Our 2023 Attainment 8 score is 52.3. This compares favourably with both the average for England (46.2) and the Local Authority average (43.7).
  • The English Baccalaureate APS is 4.5 for 2023. This compares favourably to the 2018 national (4.05) and local authority (3.77).
  • Our 2023 A Level Cohort Score is 36.69 with an average result of a B-
  • There is no Value-Added measure for this academic year but we achieved 7.7% A* and 21% achieved A*-A.
  • For our Applied General qualifications our average level of achievement was a Merit+


KS4 – GCSE Level (2021)

  • 93% of students are in Sustained Employment or Education. This compares favourably with 94% for state-funded schools in England, and also 92% for Local Authority state funded-schools.
  • 58% of Blue Coat students enter 6th form

KS5 – A Level (2023)

  • 2 students successfully went to Oxbridge
  • 1 student progressed onto the Royal Academy of Music with a full scholarship
  • 33 students progressed onto a Russel Group University

KS5 – A Level (2021)

  • 95% of students are in sustained employment, education or training – this in line with the England Average.

Other Outcomes

  • SIAMS Excellent (June 2022)
  • SMSC Quality Gold Award (2021)
  • RE Quality Mark Gold
  • Gold Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Award (February 2022)
  • Coventry Peace Award