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Curriculum Intent

We intend to provide a broad & ambitious curriculum that provides students with an excellent standard of education that is inclusive to all. As a Church of England school, we are distinctively Christian and work to allow our students to live life in all its fullness. Our students flourish academically, creatively, socially & spiritually through our school’s values of Care, Hard Work, Respect, Integrity, Servanthood & Togetherness.

Aims of our Curriculum

  • Inclusion of all pupils no matter their background, prior attainment or barrier to learning to accessing the same ambitious curriculum content
  • Building beyond KS3 National Curriculum & aiming for ambitious content taught across the full three years (7-9)
  • Our KS3 curriculum has been built around the Skills, Knowledge & Understanding (SKU) needed for them to succeed beyond the school gates
  • The widest possible options available at GCSE & A level options to suit the needs of our pupils, local and national requirements
  • High expectations, breadth, high challenge & inclusive classroom practice
  • Consistent planning & logical sequencing of content that leads to long term learning
  • Implementation of a quality first wave approach to teaching & learning
  • Enabling all our students to “Live Life in all its fullness (John 10:10)” through curriculum, enrichment, performances, PSHE and worship experiences
  • Personal & character development enabling the widest variety of curricula and extra curricula experiences that allow pupils to develop a rounded individual
  • Allow pupils to thrive as individuals through personalized & flexible pathways including RSE & PSHE
  • Enable opportunities for students to develop socially and creatively through the breadth of our in school and extra curricula offering
  • Enable students to have a positive impact on the community and the world around them
  • Blue Coat promotes the spiritual development of our learners through embedding our schools CHRIST values at all levels of our curriculum:
    1. Care – Our curriculum is designed to be caring and compassionate for each individual pupil needs, backgrounds, abilities and aspirations.
    2. Hard Work– High expectations of all our pupils and support from dedicated, experienced & knowledgeable staff than enables them to achieve their potential. Hard work is recognised, rewarded & commended within all aspects of school life.
    3. Respect – Respect is embedded at all levels of our school and is a fundamental component of our curriculum. We ensure there is mutual respect for one another’s values and the opportunity to grow an appreciation for others.
    4. Integrity – We embed integrity within the curriculum by designing its content, sequence and delivery around the needs of our pupils. We ensure that what is right and wrong is a fundamental component of the content taught in the curriculum.
    5. Servanthood – Staff & pupils are rewarded for putting the needs of others beyond their own through supporting members of community to learn effectively.
    6. Togetherness – Colleagues work collaboratively to plan an effective curriculum that supports the widest range of needs allowing all pupils to access a truly inclusive education.

Structure of the Curriculum

Curriculum Model and Structure