Parents Evenings

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All parents and students receive one virtual parent evening per academic year. The dates for the planned parents’ evenings for this academic year are:

• Year 7 – Wednesday 16th February 2022

• Year 8 – Tuesday 15th March 2022

• Year 9 – Wednesday 11th May 2022

• Year 10 – Tuesday 25th January 2022

• Year 11 – Wednesday 10th November 2021

• Year 12 – Tuesday 7th December 2021

• Year 13 – Wednesday 20th October 2021

All appointments will be held virtually and individual subject teacher appointments will last 5 minutes. You will be emailed by the school office when the appointment bookings window opens and to confirm the specific times of the virtual evening. .

The parent/guardian link to access the school cloud website is here:

You will require login details that will have been emailed to the email address you have registered with us here at school. In order to request or update your login details for School Cloud or parents evening software please email Mrs J Curtis through the Contact Us page.

For guidance on how to book and attend your virtual parents evening appointments please view the video below:

SchoolCloud Parents Evening – Parent Login from SchoolCloud on Vimeo.