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I am always growing in my understanding and awareness of myself and how my actions impact others. I demonstrate care for myself, for those around me and for the environment through my understanding of my impact upon them.

I recognise the importance of working hard to realise my potential. I do everything with integrity and diligence, with the full knowledge of why I am doing it. I know I am designed to work and to offer my unique gifts and talents, and so whatever I do I strive to do with excellence.

I am responsible for my personal development, for the way I treat those around me and the way I care for the environment I live in. I understand that it is my responsibility to treat others the way I would want to be treated myself, and therefore I offer respect willingly. I am a responsible and respectful member of my school community, as well as the nation I live in and our wider world.

I am a person of integrity; one who has been honed and developed through my experiences and through the lessons of those around me. I will stand up for what is right even when it is hard, standing firm on my beliefs even when others are choosing a different path.

I offer service to others with no desire for personal advantage or reward. I know that my life matters and so I willingly serve others just as others serve me. In this way I can make a positive difference in the world.

I know that all are needed and valued and each person is important to the whole. I know my life makes a difference, and I am committed to being a positive impact on those around me and in the world. I recognise the common purpose I share with my school community; to enable all to thrive and achieve their potential academically, socially and spiritually.

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