ICONS (International Cross of Nails School)

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As an ICONS (International Cross of Nails School) we work closely with the Cathedral and Diocese to enable our students to positively impact our school, local and national communities, challenge prejudice, be peacebuilders and reconcilers, and celebrate diversity. ICONS form a worldwide network of schools with these things as a priority.

As an ICONS school we are committed to embracing the three core themes:

  1. Healing the Wounds of History
  2. Living with Difference and Celebrating Diversity
  3. Building a culture of Peace

These themes underlie and inform the heartbeat of our school as one that seeks to empower and educate our students, staff and families around the essential nature of peacebuilding and reconciliation – areas which are so important to the Kingdom of God and to the life of this city.

Day to day, these emphases are visible and tangible across our curriculum, pupil voice, restorative practice approaches and spiritual life of the school. They inform our anti-bullying processes, management of conflict, celebration of diversity and our approaches to pastoral care, including behaviour.

Central to being an ICONS is the Litany of Reconciliation, which we regularly use in tutor group collective worship times, assemblies and at special services such as Remembrance Day.