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At Blue Coat, we take online safety very seriously. Each year group will be taught different aspects of online safety, tailored to the age and understanding of the children and broaden in depth and scope as they ascend through the school. Topics covered will include: safely accessing the internet, the reliability of sites and how to assess this reliability, raising awareness of what we share online, looking at our internet behaviours, email, passwords, digital footprints and reporting procedures for unsafe content. It is our belief that, children should be knowledgeable and provided with opportunities to develop their ‘Digital Resilience‘, thus empowering them to make informed choices as digital citizens in the wider world.

Staff at Blue Coat Church of England School treat Child and Online Safety with the highest of importance. In addition to the learning in school, the continued learning at home (outside of the managed environment of school systems where children are exposed to a much larger world) is vital. Please find below resources to help with keeping your child safe within the context of online apps and social media. It is a priority that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect and that we promote explicitly the importance of living well together as a school and the wider community so that everyone has an opportunity to live life in all its fullness and know they are cherished as a child of God. We will regularly update the below resources and use the school comms system to provide you with up to date and relevant advice and support.