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Curriculum Intent

The intent of our English curriculum is to provide a challenging and ambitious journey of learning experiences for our students. We use a spiral curriculum in which skills and knowledge are established, embedded and added to as our students apply their understanding to new situations and texts. Our aim is to provide a sound basis in the skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening that underpin the study of English Language and Literature.
We want our students to enjoy stories, poetry and exploring their creativity through language and communication and our aim is for them be able to apply skills of written and spoken communication to new experiences, texts and contexts.
Our approach is structurally underpinned by our whole school curriculum, CHRIST values, reference to the KS3 and KS4 English National Curriculum and the objectives that inform A Level study.
Our goal is provide a challenging, thought-provoking curriculum for all learners regardless of prior attainment or ability. We want our students to leave school with confidence in their ability to communicate and to understand opinions and perspectives. Excellence in English would mean that each student leaves us with a sound grasp of these skills that they can take forward with them either into further study or employment.

Teaching and Learning

In English we believe in delivering an ambitious yet highly inclusive curriculum to all. Our vision for Teaching & Learning is to ensure all students access the “full” curriculum and learn the breadth of content. 

Our staff have high expectations of all pupils and focus on embedding our 3Rs:  

  • Ready
  • Respectful
  • Responsible

All lessons focus on embedding the whole school Blue Coat approach:

  • Explaining and Modelling
  • Do & Practice
  • 4forAll Toolkit leading to inclusive practice:
    • Key words/Reading
    • Use of time
    • Chunk and check
    • Questioning
  • Appropriate verbal, written and visual feedback

Reading is an essential strategy within lessons. You will see staff applying the three reading strategies of:


  • Edexcel GCSE English Literature
  • Edexcel GCSE English Language
  • Edexcel A Level English Literature
  • Edexcel A Level English Language and Literature
  • Eduquas A Level Media

Enrichment & Experiences

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Meet the Author Events
  • Book Club with Mr Collett in the Library
  • Creative Writing with Mr Panesar in Gorton (Summer 2)
  • Poetry and Creating Writing competitions
  • Drama Workshops
  • Theatre Productions