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Curriculum Intent

It is our intent for the computing element of our school curriculum to engage, inspire, challenge and encourage students to experience a full, broad and ambitious set of learning opportunities linked to the whole school curriculum, the school CHRIST values, KS3 national curriculum & the needs of employers. Our curriculum is intended to be a complex, creative and skilled experience that enables learners to apply theoretical knowledge & practical skills into challenging outcomes.

Our subject allows pupils to develop socially through teamwork & creatively through independent computing projects. We intend that all learners no matter their prior attainment or barriers to learning, access a challenging curriculum that builds them in scaffolded stages towards becoming our next generation of Computer Scientists, through progression onto 6th Form, FE College, University Degrees or Apprenticeships. Excellence within Computing would mean each student leaving Blue Coat with a sound grasp of theoretical and practical coding skills that would enable them to participate in wider society.

Students should be enabled to use the knowledge, skills & understanding beyond school and apply them creatively to a range of problems in the real world. So, students who complete our 7-year curriculum will be:

  • Confident programmers in Python, with complimentary skills in SQL, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Capable of explaining the inner workings of a computer.
  • Able to explain how computers communicate both wirelessly and using wires.
  • Confident in their use of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and able to send e-mails with professional etiquette.
  • Able to use computers and the internet safely, and advise others on how to do the same.

This will enable all students to living life in all its fullness via developing into competent and confident computer scientists.

Teaching and Learning

In computing we believe in delivering an ambitious yet highly inclusive curriculum to all. Our vision for Teaching & Learning is to ensure all students access the “full” curriculum and learn the breadth of content. 

Our staff have high expectations of all pupils and focus on embedding our 3Rs:  

  • Ready
  • Respectful
  • Responsible

All lessons focus on embedding the whole school Blue Coat approach:

  • Explaining and Modelling
  • Do & Practice
  • 4forAll Toolkit leading to inclusive practice:
    • Key words/Reading
    • Use of time
    • Chunk and check
    • Questioning
  • Appropriate verbal, written and visual feedback

Reading is an essential strategy within lessons. You will see staff applying the three reading strategies of:

How can parents help?


BBC Bitesize – Link

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Isaac Computer Science – Link

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A Level

Isaac Computer Science – Link

Maths and Physics Tutor – Link

Craig ‘n’ Dave – Link


  • OCR GCSE Computer Science
  • OCR A level Computer Science

Enrichment & Experiences

Extra-curricular activities

  • Lego Stem Club – Yr 7/8 – Tuesdays 3:15-4:15pm – B10 – Mr Penn
  • Python Coding Club – Yr 8/9/10 – Tuesdays 3:15-4:15pm – B7– Mr Farren
  • GCSE CS Intervention – Wednesday’s 3:20-4:20pm – B10 – Mrs Kershaw
  • Sixth Form NEA Support – B9/B10 -Wednesday’s/ Thursday’s – Mr Penn / Mrs Kershaw


2022 Results

  • GCSE – 64.29%% Grades 9-5, 90.48% Grade 9-4
  • A-Level – 27% A*-A, A* – B 45.9%, A*-C 51.4%
  • Progress above national and/or school averages at GCSE & A level.


  • University courses – AY202-23 Offers from – 2 gone to Cambridge and 1 to Oxford
  • Apprenticeships
  • FE Courses
  • Employment