Religious Education


We now have 4 dedicated classrooms in the new Welby building The department is well resourced and is making increasing use of audio-visual and ICT resources.



All pupils receive Religious Education throughout their school career. In Key Stage 3 pupils study a broad curriculum including all the major world religions and various themes such as justice, guidance, belief, prejudice and life after death. The department encourages learning outside the classroom in all units. This includes trips to places of worship and guest speakers to ensure a high quality educational experience for all.

Currently at GCSE students are taught the EDEXCEL exam board. The modules pupils take are Religion and Life, and Religion and Society which involve studying the attitudes of Christianity and Islam to various issues such as belief in God, Marriage and the family, war and peace, the environment and crime and punishment.

Pupils who opt to study A level, follow the Edexcel Religious Studies: Philosophy and Ethics course. Please see the A Level section of the website for more information on this particular course choice.

New GCSE which will be examined in 2018 is AQA A with an in depth study of Christianity and Islam.

New A Level specification which will be delivered from September 2016 is the EDUQUAS specification: Philosophy and Ethics and in depth study into the religion of Christianity.



RE aims to:

  • Encourage young people to develop the capacity to reflect on themselves, their experiences, their relationships and the world around them.
  • Help them to develop the concepts and the attitudes which are needed to understand what religion is about.
  • Help them to understand Christianity as a living faith.
  • Encourage them to understand other living faiths and practices and to appreciate the importance of these in the lives of the believers.


A Level

Please click on the link below to download the latest specification

Eduqua A Level Religious Studies Specification 2016