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Curriculum Intent

The intent of our curriculum is to enable all of our students to experience a full, broad and ambitious set of learning opportunities linked to the whole school curriculum, the school CHRIST values & the needs of employers. Our curriculum is intended enables learners to apply theoretical knowledge & skills into challenging outcomes. Our subject allows pupils to develop socially through teamwork & and independent enquiry through studying real businesses and the economy.

We intend that all learners no matter their prior attainment or barriers to learning access a challenging curriculum that builds them in scaffolded stages towards becoming our next generation of entrepreneurs, skilled workers through progression onto 6th Form, FE College, University Degrees or Apprenticeships. Excellence within Economic & Business would mean each student leaving Blue Coat with a sound theoretical knowledge and understanding of the economy and the businesses where students can understand and engage with the increasingly complex business world in which we live and to enable them to become informed and confident consumers, employees and entrepreneurs. . This external environment is rapidly changing and our intention is to develop students into informed and adaptable individuals, ready and to tackle the challenges ahead.