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Curriculum Intent

The history curriculum at Blue Coat aims to deliver excellent history over 7 years, using a range of quality sources and texts and introducing high level of history discussion; a Curriculum that is academic, challenging, and inclusive of all, inspiring students to continue study at GCSE, A Level and beyond.

We look to contribute to the school aim of living life in all its fullness, offering extra-curricular opportunities for students to experience and engage with History for themselves.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires curiosity through high quality storytelling and delivers key knowledge of chronology, allowing students to make connections and build their knowledge and understanding of history throughout their time at Blue Coat. We aim to provide students with coherent knowledge of Britain’s past as well as that of the wider world, and helps students address key questions of how Britain has changed and influenced/been influenced by the wider world. We embed key concepts of change/continuity, cause/consequence, similarity/difference, and how the past has been interpreted. We aim to do this through a combination of depth and overview studies, establishing and revisiting key concepts in different contexts. We to teach students to think critically, distinguish between fact and opinion and form judgements based on evidence.

We encourage personal development through introducing and developing themes of citizenship, diversity and tolerance, emphasising moral and social events such as the Holocaust, Hiroshima and the Civil Rights Movement.

We aim to deliver the school’s CHRIST values and encourage students to reflect on where they are prominent in lessons. We encourage students to see themselves as citizens of the world, understanding not just how others have made a difference, but how they themselves can make a difference to the world.