The House System at Blue Coat

At Blue Coat we operate a Vertical Tutor system within a House-based pastoral structure. This means that each tutor group is made up of a few members from each year group, and twelve tutor groups make up a House.

We pride ourselves on our sense of ‘family’ and ‘community’ within the school, and the Vertical House system enables pupils to support one another, look out for younger pupils, sharing wisdom and ideas across the different ages. It means that older pupils can take responsibility and leadership, and tutors can support their tutees better. It creates friendship across year groups, and healthy competition between the Houses!

We want all of our pupils to feel safe, valued and supported to achieve their very best academically, socially and spiritually. If you have any concerns or worries, please contact the tutor in the first instance.


A Young Person’s Guide to Keeping Children Safe can be downloaded HERE.

This Guide has been written by
the Office of the Children’s Rights Director, so you too are clear about how professionals should work together to help keep you safe.