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Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to shape new thinkers linked to the whole school curriculum, the school CHRIST values, KS3 national curriculum & the needs of employers. Our curriculum is intended to be at the CORE of the school life. The acronym CORE stands for:

  • Communication: we know that people acquire language by communicating with one another therefore we aim for our students to become great communicator in English and in French.
  • Openness: we will enable our students to identify with the cultural richness of our school and share their identity with others in the community.
  • Relationship: with the option of learning two languages in our school, our students will be able to create new relationships within the language they are learning but also build bridges with the other part language learners (German).
  • Expertise: our students will develop their linguistic expertise by connecting with their first language (English and /or home language) to the taught language and they will be positively responding to misconception.