Additional New Sixth Form Block

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As part of the Council’s Education Sufficiency Strategy, which guides how we meet the demand for secondary school places as well as the statutory duty to ensure every child has access to a school place, Blue Coat school will increase by 30 pupils a year for two years – with the first 30 pupils starting from September 2022.

To support the school in accommodating the additional pupils, the Council has provided a new temporary sixth form block, which has two classrooms, toilets and storage space and is located in the area shown on the plan below. This means we can free up classrooms in the main school.

The planning application and approval for the temporary sixth form building can be viewed online;

The new permanent sixth form block will include six classrooms, toilet facilities, an office and a plant room. We hope that the new sixth form block can be ready for the start of the new school year in September 2023.

We expect the planning application for the new block to be submitted in the spring.

In the meantime, the temporary modular building sixth form has been provided and upon completion of the new, permanent build, these will be removed and soft landscape.

We will update this page to keep you informed.