Curriculum Intent

The intent of our Music curriculum is to enable all students to experience a broad, creative, inspiring and challenging music education that is linked to our whole school curriculum, C.H.R.I.S.T values, KS3 National Curriculum & the needs of FE providers, employers and beyond. Our curriculum is intended to be a multi-faceted creative experience, enabling students to develop their musicianship in a multitude of ways. By building on performance, appreciation, composition and theoretical skills, we intend pupils to develop their own creativity and self-expression, with passion and confidence.

Our subject allows personal development through teamwork skills, resilience, appreciation for other cultures and identities, and self-exploration. We intend for all learners, regardless of prior learning and barriers, to access a challenging curriculum that builds on their skills and knowledge through careful scaffolding, to prepare them to become musicians of the future, leading them into their next stage of their musical journey, through 6th Form, university & apprenticeships. We place a strong emphasis on adapting the level of challenge for every pupil, especially with our large cohort of high ability musicians.

Excellence in Music at Blue Coat would mean every student being confident and competent in using music as a creative medium for self-expression, equipping them with a tool to use throughout life, either for personal enjoyment or as a musician within society.